Wisconsin Gay Wedding Photographer Brandon & Dominic in Lake Geneva

Wisconsin Gay Wedding Photographer Brandon & Dominic in Lake Geneva
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Wisconsin Gay Wedding Photographer: I had a great time at the wedding of Chicago residents Brandon and Dominic. I was almost as excited as the grooms as the ceremony began at dusk along the banks of Lake Como in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The happy couple beamed as they exchanged vows in front of their friends and family. The newly civilly united pair are both close personal friends and you may recognize Brandon from his many appearances on this blog doing make-up for several of my shoots. It was a lot of fun seeing Brandon do make-up for his friends and family and his new husband before the service began.


Wisconsin gay grooms get ready for wedding in Lake Geneva

Brandon does Dominic’s make-up.

Groom gets ready for gay wedding in Wisconsin

Gay groom does his own makeup for a wedding in Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Brandon applies his own make-up.

Wisconsin Gay Wedding Photographer captures Brandon and Dominic embrace as the cremony begins.

Gay couple at the end of their Gay wedding ceremony in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

The happy couple is presented as husband and husband for the first time.

Gay couple laugh after their wedding in Chicago

Brandon and Dominic share a laugh after the ceremony.

More about Wisconsin Gay Wedding Photographer John Gress:

Wisconsin Gay Wedding Photographer John Gress enjoys shooting all types wedding ceremonies, parties, celebrations, receptions, and portraits in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois and across the Midwest.

He’s an expert portrait photographer and he loves capturing candid, photojournalistic images of the couple and their guests during the private emotional moments and during the public cornerstone moments that make each wedding day special. Other Wisconsin Gay Wedding Photographer claim to be wedding photojournalists, but John Gress has had his work published in periodicals around the world.

See collections of photos from John Gress on his blog and on facebook.

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